Dental Implant

What is advantage of having dental implants?

You may want to replace your missing teeth for different reasons for some it may be a cosmetic reason for others it may be due to difficulty in eating while for some others it may be a way of life. For us it is a way to re-establish your chewing efficiency and help you smile better.

Cost of dental implant based restoration is lower than a Zirconia metal free bridge or denture. An average life of dental bridge is between 10-15 years but a dental implant is supposed to last life time.

What if I don’t replace my missing teeth?

If we ignore cosmetic aberration that a missing tooth can cause there are several deleterious effects of not replacing missing teeth like:

  • Adjacent teeth move in to empty space- result malalignment
  • Underlying bone loss continues to progress – a point will be reached when even a simple denture will not      be feasible.
  • If defect lies in smile zone-reason can be cosmetic.
  • If multiple teeth are missing- you may have collapsed bite.

Dental implant based treatment prevents all this from occurring at very early stage and gives you a functional and healthy bite.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implant is a small titanium screw which is fixed in jaw bone with specialized set of instruments and equipment. They are available in different lengths and circumference and which size will fit in your mouth is determined by radiographic scans or CBCT. This titanium screw fuses with jaw bone and now acts as an anchor for supporting crown part of artificial tooth.